5 Best Outdoor Security Camera For Apartment 2021 Reviews

Outdoor security cameras have become a necessity today. This is in addition to the fact that they are also becoming an essential part of residential and industrial security systems as well. The best outdoor security camera for cold weather often comes with a variety of features, which makes it easy to use in various kinds of environments. It is also fully adjustable to enable proper working even in the harshest of conditions. There are different types available these days, which vary significantly from one another depending on features, brand, quality, and price. In this article, we will be looking at some of the best outdoor security cameras for Apartments.

Best Overall Outdoor Security Camera For Apartment: TOUCAN Security Camera 

TOUCAN is a wireless weatherproof indoor outdoor wired home security camera that lets you keep an eye on your house or business from anywhere. It has night vision capabilities which the simple push of a button can activate. The TOUCAN Security Camera also records audio. It sends motion alerts to your phone when it detects any movement in front of the camera. TOUCAN has a built-in microphone and speaker so you can talk through the camera to scare off potential intruders or check in on what’s happening at home. Thanks to its magnetic base, the TOUCAN Indoor & Outdoor Security Camera can be mounted almost anywhere. It has a motion detector and can send alerts to your phone when movement or sound is detected. AA batteries power it, so you don’t have to hardwire it into your house. The TOUCAN Security Camera comes with free cloud storage for up to one month,, which means that you won’t lose any action footage no matter what happens.

  • Cheap Cloud Storage (1 month free), I didn’t expect this from such an affordable security camera.
  • Easy setup and install
  • The night vision option is great
  • TOUCAN doesn’t have any night vision option. 
  • It has to be activated manually, which is a little inconvenient.

Best Outdoor Security Camera For Apartment For Money: Blink Security Camera

Blink is a wireless outdoor security camera with night vision and free cloud storage. This battery-free camera is equipped with infrared LEDs for up to 100 ft. of night vision, so it works well in the dark, but you’ll need some ambient light during the day to get sharp footage. The Blink Outdoor features two-way talk, so you can check out what’s going on and scare away any intruders directly from your phone. Use 2GIG Go! Control or Alarm.com to remotely access the video feed from anywhere in the world or view live feed from your computer’s web browser. You can also receive motion alerts via email or text message through 2GIG Go! Control or Alarm.com. Recordings are stored in the cloud with seven days of free storage, and you can upgrade to 30 days for $10.

  • It works off the battery, so no hardwired installation is required. Just mount it out of reach from intruders and plug it into a power outlet (there is an option to switch to POE). 
  • You don’t have to worry about a power outage nor any cable running around your house. 
  • The added motion sensor allows me to get immediate alerts when there is any movement detected by the camera to know for sure if something has happened or not without checking on my phone every 2 minutes.
  • If you happen to have the camera mounted at a place with no power outlet around, or a blackout, you won’t be getting alerts.

Best Cheap Outdoor Security Camera For Apartment: Hiseeu Outdoor Battery Camera

With the Hiseeu security camera, you’ll get to see what’s going on at your home in real-time. The HiSeeu security camera has a wide angle lens and it’s weatherproof so you won’t have to worry about rain or snow damaging it. It also features HD 1080P high definition video, which means that you can see the details even in low light environments thanks to its infrared LED lights. wide-angle,,You can use an SD card up to 128 GB on this device if you want even more storage. HiKseeu works only with Android apps and cannot be used with any other smartphone/tablet apps such as Alarm system 2Gig Go! Control or SmartThings Hub. It supports both Wi-FiWiFi and local wireless (LAN) modes for accessing network cameras anywhere at home via smartphones, tablets, or computers. Smartphones and tablets will be intermittently disconnected from Wi-FiWiFi access points. It has motion detection but does not send alerts to your phone when movement is detected. It only saves the video upon detecting any kind of activity in front of the camera itself.

  • Easy to install and works with any Android phone/tablet.
  • It does not require hardwiring. Mobile apps are intuitive and easily accessible via android devices.
  • HiKseeu cannot send alerts or work with another smartphone/tablet apps such as Alarm system 2gig Go! Control or SmartThings Hub It doesn’t have a night vision option.

Best For Design Outdoor Security Camera For Apartment: GOAOFOEOI Cameras 

The GOAOFOEOI camera can recognize movements and trigger alerts to your phone and save video recordings upon detecting any activities. This security camera is truly versatile with its waterproof design for outdoor use and night vision function for clear images even when it is dark outside, this security camera is truly versatile! Unlimited free cloud storage: Every time the camera detects activity, it will start recording video in 1080P resolution. It also supports a one-way audio function so you can hear what’s happening around your home right from your smartphone, tablet, or computer; just talk through the built-in microphone. This security camera works with other home automation systems such as SmartThings Hub, Alarm 2Gig Go! by 2Gig and ADT Pulse.

  • The camera can recognize movements and trigger alerts to your phone.
  • Easy setup with step-by-step guide App is free locally stored video clips. 
  • It has a night vision option that doesn’t require too much light before it starts recording. 
  • No 2-hour motion storage event option
  • It doesn’t support IFTTT or any other 3rd party integration
  • Sends only short clips when you want to view the entire video on a computer.

Best Easy To Install Outdoor Security Camera For Apartment: Zmodo Outdoor Security Camera

With the Zmodo security camera, you can get 1080p high-definition video images and see what’s going on in real-time. It also features infrared night vision to have an easier time seeing what’s happening when it gets dark outside, and motion detection alerts to ensure nothing is moving around where it shouldn’t be. This device has a wide-angle lens with a 120-degree viewing angle for broad coverage of your home. It supports up to a 32 GB SD card for recording everything happening inside or outside your home and works with iOS and Android devices via their app. While this product does support 2-way audio (you can hear what’s happening at home through the mobile app), it cannot send Motion Alerts (notifications) to your phone.

  • Easy setup with step-by-step guide 
  • App is free Easy remote access to the camera with free mobile app works well with Android and iOS devices Small, compact design Easy cloud storage.
  • No motion alerts (notifications) to your phone. You can manually turn off the “motion detect” option in the app.
  • Picture quality is not the best 480p. 

Features To Consider Before Buying Best Outdoor Security Camera for Cold Weather: 

Fast Motion Activation

You want your camera to be fast and not hesitate because this will help you get the perfect shot. If you have a multiple-camera system, it is especially important that they work quickly so that there are no missing moments while filming an event such as your baby’s first steps or birthday party! A good-quality wireless security camera works best when it wakes up at any sign of motion in its vicinity. They then send alerts straight to the owner’s phone, which can allow them time enough for their own surveillance from afar, giving them peace of mind if something were ever happening at home without their knowledge.

Intuitive Smartphone App

Every security camera comes with an app these days, and like the cameras themselves, we’ve always found them relatively easy to learn. In addition to helping us monitor things like pets or children when they’re at home alone for extended periods, such as while doing homework after coming from school; this mobile app is also a lifesaver if any intruder should happen onto your property without permission–we’ll be notified nearly instantly by phone almost anywhere! The best apps we’ve used present the camera’s features intuitively, so when I want to check on what time our kids’ school bus arrived home, it takes me just a few swipes of my finger down the screen to locate that footage.

Flexible Video Resolution

If you’re looking for a reliable security camera, consider the resolution. 1080p video is nowadays standard in consumer-level cameras but doesn’t be fooled by what seems like an overwhelming number of options that claim to have this quality – many only reach it under optimal conditions like when your Wi-Fi signal strength runs at full capacity and so on. We know how important good resolutions are, so we pay extra attention to detail with them during reviews as they matter just as much if not more than other qualities people look for, such as sound or motion sensors, because without clear images captured, everything else becomes useless footage. You’ll see countless numbers of high-definition security cameras boasting claims about their 1080p resolution while comparing options; however, they can be misleading.

Night Vision

Night vision is a standard feature on security cameras, but we’ve seen some spectacular images from our tests of these devices. We recently got the Ring Floodlight Cam installed at our home and were blown away by what’s been happening in our backyard nightly for three years! The best part about this device? You can see your home no matter the time with infrared night vision that goes up to 100 feet around it or 10 meters.

Video Storage

High-tech cams are not a cheap investment, no matter which one you choose. Not only do these cameras boast high-quality video footage and colorized night vision that can be hard to turn down, but they also come with the added expense of storage space for all those videos. Though this might sound like an inconvenience at first glance, it’s essential to remember how quickly data grows in size when multiplied by tens or even hundreds of hours of recordings per camera; without some type of advanced security system, your home will become vulnerable as time goes on!

Design and Durability

A camera’s design is always essential. Sometimes, how it looks reflects the purposes that it serves too! Cameras can protect from a lot of stuff. Still, there are some pretty extreme situations they won’t survive in, like this IP65 rating which means that cameras will do well up against most anything except flooding, so if you want something sturdy, make sure to look at those features when shopping around! No matter what you’re using your camera for – whether outside or not – we encourage people to think about its durability and weather-proofing capabilities before purchasing one.


1. How well do security cameras capture images at night?

Infrared cameras are a revolutionary technology that brings infrared radiation to monitor screens whether the scene is dark or not. They have detector chips sensitive enough to detect visible and near-infrared light, which transmits clear images straight from the camera for viewing on any screen in any environment.

2. What are “IP-ready” security cameras?

The IP-ready security camera is designed to be monitored remotely, allowing for quick adjustments in the event of a sudden traffic increase. IP-ready security cameras capture so much information that they can be accessed from remote devices. Depending on the amount of activity captured by an IP camera, bandwidth demands will vary and require a proactive approach to avoid network congestion and instability.

3. Where can security cameras be placed and still function optimally?

Security cameras can be installed in various places, including under exterior roof eaves and on shelving. Cameras may also be mounted to trees if necessary. These devices require only sturdy surfaces for attachment anywhere they fit — ceiling corners or floor-mounted shelves are just two examples.

4. Won’t exterior security cameras get damaged easily by climate and weather?

No. Weatherproof cameras are constructed of ultra-durable materials that can withstand any type of weather from hot to cold and capture stunning images in either scenario.

5. Can security cameras store video streams for later viewing or can they only be viewed in real-time?

The videos captured by security cameras can be stored on a hard drive and watched whenever the user wishes. Hours of surveillance may also be transferred to DVDs, HDD, or CD-Rs for litigation purposes.

6. What is an analog security camera?

Unlike digital cameras, analog security systems are limited to a maximum of 1.5 miles, so they need cables for transmitting images from the camera to an operator’s monitor and a coaxial cable for sending data. This is both inconvenient and expensive because it requires running wires between devices which can be difficult in large spaces or when one device needs moving at some point down the line (e.g., if you’ve installed your security system high up on a wall).


Today’s market is full of security cameras which makes it hard to choose one that fits your needs perfectly. You have to consider several factors when buying a security camera; you must consider your IP camera’s storage capabilities, resolution, and battery life when shopping for it. While buying an outdoor security camera, you must go for rated weatherproof as this will make it durable even in extreme weather conditions. The above article on the best outdoor security camera lets you select the best camera for future use. It highlights some of the most popular cameras that help maintain your home or business security records and easily survive the harsh environment of cold weather without any problem. Stick to the list, and you will find a perfect match for your needs. 


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